NEVER TO CRY intimately portrays the lives of two Angolan children who are brought to Spain for rehabilitation from major leg injuries. During their recovery in Barcelona, Cassinda [age 10] and Romeo [age 12] discover the power of solidarity through the surprising friendships they develop with the Castellers of Barcelona [the Castellers train and compete in the construction of human towers]. Cassinda and Romeo are captivated by the training of the Castellers and they are accepted as part of the team.
Cassinda and Romeo are fiercely courageous, having survived the violent and impoverished conditions that affect more than 70 percent of children in Angola. In addition to their physical disabilities [each underwent the amputation of one leg], Cassinda and Romeo must face the devastating consequences of war. They are forced to reconcile the disparate conditions of two worlds [Angola and Spain]. Ultimately, Cassinda and Romeo must return to their families in Angola – and the homecomings present fresh challenges. Yet despite these challenges, elements of hope and optimism resonate.
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